Wednesday, April 30, 2008

18 Zoho Writer

Hi Troops,
things are getting better again!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
just tried out Zoho writer, very good to use with lots more funtions than microsoft has!
this will put a dent in Bill Gates bank balance (not that he ever checks it)
had no problem signing up and printing items, and you can do spreadsheets etc if you really want to (not this little black duck)recommend this to all my loyal troops to use.

PBWiki 17

another adventure to try, but for me it was with little success, I could not find the password, so I created a new account then tried to log in but with no luck, once again I find an interesting site but made user unfriendly by passwords and invite keys, I was logged in but it would still not let me go any further! the PBWiki site does have interesting areas, but for people who are not so technically minded, like me and who like things to be easy I have put it into the hard basket for the moment!!!
that will teach me for harving a short temper. will have a play around at the end of all of this and see how I go.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki

This looks like a great way to pass on some of that stored information that rattles around in the case they call my brain. it is an exciting way to contribute to the knowledge of others and they share their wealth of information with us, I have signed up for ERL's Wiki as I think I will have a lot of fun on this.

15 On Library 2.0 & Web 2.0

Hi Troops,
its still me, totally calm and collected, it learning section gives a new meaning to librarys and our future in general, what will happen to the humble book in all of this? there is plenty of talk about all of the modern tools we will have at our disposal and how it will help people research so much easier but what about when you just want to read a good book and relax,maybe the future generations wont know what a book is if you cant plug itin or recharge it! there is a big future that no one can measure for information technology, but is it me or is it all in the search for more and better information? as I said, what about FICTION! how will you be able to search for that? I must be getting old, dont get me wrong but as a military researcher I love all the modern stuff that is out there, but are we losing something on the way.
signed: the old old man

Technorati Times

Back again and again and again!!!!!!!!
now i'm in a much better mood that I have looked into something that is much easier to follow and to get into and search, I found this to be easy to understand and much more user friendly. well worth the time to have a play with anfd I can see why this site os so popular, it will get bigger and better.
Signed: me in a much better mood

Not so

Well, so much for that, maybe its just me being a nerd but I found that after 8 trys to log in and being told that that user name is being used or that my name is wrong!!!!!!!!! I gave up in total disgust with the whole site, no such thing as user friendly Ha!, I had much more fun in Library thing than just trying to get into this site. but I will battle on with the rest of the learning, but I will not go back to this one.
signed: Angry Little Man

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still Trying to go over the Top

Well troops, i'm still at it, even if it is at a snails pace, no one ever said a war was won in a day (I wish). I have been trying out Rollyo as you can see by the link on my page, so many places to explore and so little time in hand.
keep your heads high and your powder dry.