Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It is a humble man that I speak to you,
my loyal Soldiers who have fought with me side by side in the bloody trenches of computer warfare. We have lost some good men and women on the way, but their sacrifice will not be in vain, we will carry high the banner of knowledge forever onward and upward in our quest for supremacy of the keyboards.
We have learned many new and varied skills, some will remain while others fade into the back of our memory, but we will know they are there for when we need to reach inside for that special battle. The road here was not easy, we became bogged down more than once, we fell, we screamed, we cried(not really) but we overcame. For all of those who are still to follow, take heart, once you have broken down the enemy's gates, all is laid at your feet!
I leave you with this image, even when the road ahead looks simple and clear, be aware of what lies lurking underneath. nothing is as it appears.
Good Luck.

No. 22 Audiobooks

This is a must have, or will be in the near future for all of those who want in then and now, no more waiting for a book to come in, just down load it and away you go. every one is in a rush these days, who wants to spend time going to the Library ?(I Do).
it will be very good for the aged as well, no more I don't have a Cd player or Tape player to listen to that audio item, 1 machine and all is yours. In 20 years will people still come into the library with wall to wall computer terminals or will it be a deserted building that the old folks vaguely remember borrowing things called books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have obtained highly interesting not so top secret information about our favourite hobby, Military History!. I have had very little to do with podcasts before, but now my mind have been opened to this wonderful learning tool, there are no video clips to worry about, just the straight facts (maybe)told to you in short interesting podcasts, I can see this is going to be an ever growing tool for lots of companys, schools, libraries and anyone who likes to listen find and or develop greater learning, also a great way to promote listener interest in special subjects.
we have reached the top of the hill, now we have to drive home the attack,and take what knowledge is available while we can still remember it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

British Army Recruiting at its Best

Special training for elite units

You Tube Warriors No. 20 bites the dust

Just thought I would give you troops some entertainment to watch, kate bush would warm up any soldiers fox hole. You Tube is an amazing place to visit, I never thought there would be so many clips available to see or download, let alone publish your own, found some of the downloading instructions a bit wayward, but Biggles right hand man, Group Captain Burden in his pathfinder flew to the rescue and dropped his markers where a blind man could follow, his instructions wher much easier to follow than the printed version. Long live the Group Captain!!!!!!!!
but you never know when the red Baron may be lurking!

Kate Bush

Talk about road block, bring out the BBQ boys!

Section 19 over the top

Web 2.0 awards, another very interesting place to visit , you can search for events around the world by place , date of group, this is a wonderful site for those who are just starting a group and wandt some free adviertising or for those already in existance who want to keep those interested informed. I have it bookmarked on the computer and see a lot of good in this site. I may even start advertising our Military History Group meetings on this site! very easy to use and dosn't strain the brain!

Anzacs in Iraq

This is some of our troops in actio over in Iraq, most will be coming home in about 6 weeks, a small force of 110 will remain as a security force for Australian embassy staff

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

18 Zoho Writer

Hi Troops,
things are getting better again!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
just tried out Zoho writer, very good to use with lots more funtions than microsoft has!
this will put a dent in Bill Gates bank balance (not that he ever checks it)
had no problem signing up and printing items, and you can do spreadsheets etc if you really want to (not this little black duck)recommend this to all my loyal troops to use.

PBWiki 17

another adventure to try, but for me it was with little success, I could not find the password, so I created a new account then tried to log in but with no luck, once again I find an interesting site but made user unfriendly by passwords and invite keys, I was logged in but it would still not let me go any further! the PBWiki site does have interesting areas, but for people who are not so technically minded, like me and who like things to be easy I have put it into the hard basket for the moment!!!
that will teach me for harving a short temper. will have a play around at the end of all of this and see how I go.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki

This looks like a great way to pass on some of that stored information that rattles around in the case they call my brain. it is an exciting way to contribute to the knowledge of others and they share their wealth of information with us, I have signed up for ERL's Wiki as I think I will have a lot of fun on this.

15 On Library 2.0 & Web 2.0

Hi Troops,
its still me, totally calm and collected, it learning section gives a new meaning to librarys and our future in general, what will happen to the humble book in all of this? there is plenty of talk about all of the modern tools we will have at our disposal and how it will help people research so much easier but what about when you just want to read a good book and relax,maybe the future generations wont know what a book is if you cant plug itin or recharge it! there is a big future that no one can measure for information technology, but is it me or is it all in the search for more and better information? as I said, what about FICTION! how will you be able to search for that? I must be getting old, dont get me wrong but as a military researcher I love all the modern stuff that is out there, but are we losing something on the way.
signed: the old old man

Technorati Times

Back again and again and again!!!!!!!!
now i'm in a much better mood that I have looked into something that is much easier to follow and to get into and search, I found this to be easy to understand and much more user friendly. well worth the time to have a play with anfd I can see why this site os so popular, it will get bigger and better.
Signed: me in a much better mood

Not so

Well, so much for that, maybe its just me being a nerd but I found that after 8 trys to log in and being told that that user name is being used or that my name is wrong!!!!!!!!! I gave up in total disgust with the whole site, no such thing as user friendly Ha!, I had much more fun in Library thing than just trying to get into this site. but I will battle on with the rest of the learning, but I will not go back to this one.
signed: Angry Little Man

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still Trying to go over the Top

Well troops, i'm still at it, even if it is at a snails pace, no one ever said a war was won in a day (I wish). I have been trying out Rollyo as you can see by the link on my page, so many places to explore and so little time in hand.
keep your heads high and your powder dry.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Library Thing Link

This is the best link for Library books that you will ever find, and its lots of fun, If I wasn't committed to this battle I would go over the hill and join this group (o.k I did join) its Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!!!!
try it out, what have you got to loose????


Not So Standing Orders,
well troops here I am trying to get back into it again, now i'm looking at Library thing at its very interesting, the sort of place you could get lost in without even knowing it. I plan on spending a bit of time there! so should you all

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another photograph of the some of many forgotten servicemen of World War 1
this is some enlistee's for the Royal Australian Navy

Standing Orders Again

Well Troops,
I did it again, got bogged down in all that work stuff and forgot to keep up with the frontline troops. so I am going to have to try harder!
Now it must be R&R time because I'm up to part 10 in this battle and it says its "Play Time"
I have started with something basic, like all good soldiers you need to have your Dog Tags incase of injury and boy do I feel like a casualty at the moment! keep your heads down and will let you know how I go at play time.

Monday, January 21, 2008

standing orders no.4

Hi troops,
off to a flying start with RSS feeds, still not sure on the last part with public feeds, but I will confer with Wing Commander Burden and get his opinion on the matter. its very interesting to watch all of the blogs as people add the bits to it, some of the sites are looking fantastic so far. Mountain mist is looking very good! take a break troops and we will try and advance a little more in the next few days.


With our christmas offensive bogged down in good cheer and lots of spirits, high command has issued the order to to attack with all heart, take no prisoners (only joking), and advance until you drop!!!!!!!
so here I am again, fully rested from R&R and looking forward to a long drawn out confrontation with the World Wide Web and all the terrors they bring (to me). Well men (and Women) its time to go over the top, wishing you luck with your campaign and looking forward to seeing you in the enemy's trenchs.
Your Beloved Commander: General Disaster