Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It is a humble man that I speak to you,
my loyal Soldiers who have fought with me side by side in the bloody trenches of computer warfare. We have lost some good men and women on the way, but their sacrifice will not be in vain, we will carry high the banner of knowledge forever onward and upward in our quest for supremacy of the keyboards.
We have learned many new and varied skills, some will remain while others fade into the back of our memory, but we will know they are there for when we need to reach inside for that special battle. The road here was not easy, we became bogged down more than once, we fell, we screamed, we cried(not really) but we overcame. For all of those who are still to follow, take heart, once you have broken down the enemy's gates, all is laid at your feet!
I leave you with this image, even when the road ahead looks simple and clear, be aware of what lies lurking underneath. nothing is as it appears.
Good Luck.

No. 22 Audiobooks

This is a must have, or will be in the near future for all of those who want in then and now, no more waiting for a book to come in, just down load it and away you go. every one is in a rush these days, who wants to spend time going to the Library ?(I Do).
it will be very good for the aged as well, no more I don't have a Cd player or Tape player to listen to that audio item, 1 machine and all is yours. In 20 years will people still come into the library with wall to wall computer terminals or will it be a deserted building that the old folks vaguely remember borrowing things called books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have obtained highly interesting not so top secret information about our favourite hobby, Military History!. I have had very little to do with podcasts before, but now my mind have been opened to this wonderful learning tool, there are no video clips to worry about, just the straight facts (maybe)told to you in short interesting podcasts, I can see this is going to be an ever growing tool for lots of companys, schools, libraries and anyone who likes to listen find and or develop greater learning, also a great way to promote listener interest in special subjects.
we have reached the top of the hill, now we have to drive home the attack,and take what knowledge is available while we can still remember it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

British Army Recruiting at its Best

Special training for elite units

You Tube Warriors No. 20 bites the dust

Just thought I would give you troops some entertainment to watch, kate bush would warm up any soldiers fox hole. You Tube is an amazing place to visit, I never thought there would be so many clips available to see or download, let alone publish your own, found some of the downloading instructions a bit wayward, but Biggles right hand man, Group Captain Burden in his pathfinder flew to the rescue and dropped his markers where a blind man could follow, his instructions wher much easier to follow than the printed version. Long live the Group Captain!!!!!!!!
but you never know when the red Baron may be lurking!

Kate Bush

Talk about road block, bring out the BBQ boys!